The design process

An initial consultation on site will give us the opportunity to assess your property, lifestyle needs and work with your ideas. The practical assessment of the site is as important as the aesthetics of the garden. Russell will discuss with you various concepts and ideas to help you realise your gardens potential.
After your consultation you have the option to have sketches or plans drafted (these can range from a basic concept sketch outlining the ideas discussed to detailed full council submissions), and/or have a quote prepared for the construction and implementation of the design.

Project management

S-ENSE can successfully organise the smooth running of your property improvement. By supplying all materials, co-ordinating other contractors and liaising with Councils and others professions, we can focus resources and organise your work to run as smoothly as possible. We also check the quality of the project as it progresses to ensure that each stage is completed to the highest possible standard.
We will take on a project at any stage, but find the process runs at its smoothest when we are involved from its conception. This means we can achieve a smooth running, economical process to complete a garden you can enjoy.


S-ENSE offers a comprehensive service that combines creative design, quality workmanship and excellent horticultural knowledge and experience. Our team is skilled and experienced in all facets of landscaping. If your project needs something simple or out of the ordinary, we can do it; we love the challenge and work closely with many artisans, fabricators and other specialised trades and professions. We have the knowledge to provide your plants with the optimum growing environment.

Garden Care

We want your garden to be the very best it can be. At completion we will discuss methods to enable you to care and manage your garden, including what, when and how to clip, fertilise, mulch and water. We can help maintain your investment with a maintenance program designed by the garden care branch of our business Essential Garden Care.