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Garden Design — getting it right

Good garden design is about reflecting the owner’s life and interest. For the owner it is about finding a designer who can equip them with the information and knowledge to make sound decisions so they can invest wisely. This philosophy applies from the smallest garden courtyard to the largest detailed acreage.

The property needs to be assessed to encompass the aspect, conditions, lifestyle needs and the individual’s own ideas. Discussing various concepts and ideas with a professional will help you realize your gardens potential. For me, part of a great landscape design is having great clients, clients who are open, receptive, willing to contribute and collaborate to develop a piece of living art which is theirs.

When designing a garden there are some basic guidelines to follow for success. From the outset it needs to make sense, it has to perform its function, even if that role is purely aesthetic. It needs to suit the client, the conditions and make a connection with its surroundings.

It’s about getting the basics right. Appropriate soil preparation, wise plant choice, an understanding of the desired result and an appreciation of the gardens future needs are all critical to the success of the garden. The gardens we create receive the best preparatory works and the results quickly show. It’s a privilege to return to many of these gardens and witness first hand the resultant development and growth.

Today people want time to relax and entertain and are looking to their homes and gardens to become their haven from the outside world. People want a garden they can feel comfortable in, to enjoy both now and into the future. Employing the services of a designer who can relate, communicate, is flexible and open minded with fresh ideas and a pragmatic approach can make this happen.

Russell Wyatt

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